increased security using a beautiful new fence
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increased security using a beautiful new fence

I own a landscape supply company and have done fairly well over the years. Until recently, security was never an issue, but then, I had two thefts occur. Someone had stolen mulch and gravel from my supplies. I knew that it was time for me to get serious about increasing security to prevent it from happening a third time. I talked with a fencing contractor about what type of fencing would help improve security without taking away from the pleasant appearance of the grounds. My blog will tell you how we accomplished the increased security using a beautiful new fence.


increased security using a beautiful new fence

  • What Fencing Design Options Are Available For Sloped Land?

    17 November 2017

    Not every homeowner is blessed with land that's flat and even. Sometimes the land their houses sit on is hilly and/or sloped in areas. While that can make choosing the right fencing a challenging, there are a couple of designs options available for homeowners in this situation. Here are two that may be appropriate. Raked (Racked) Design One of the most common fence designs for sloped terrain is called raked (or racked).

  • The Pros And Cons Of Using Aluminum Railing For Your Outdoor Stairs

    19 September 2017

    If you have stairs that lead up to your home, installing railings is highly advised. The railings give you, your family and your visitors something to hold onto to balance themselves as they walk up the stairs or to steady themselves in case the stairs are slick or icy. There are various materials that the railing can be made from including wood, steel and aluminum. If you are on the fence as to which material is right for you, learning the pros and cons may help you decide.

  • 5 Tips For Maintaining And Caring For Your Plywood Fence

    21 July 2017

    Having a wood privacy fence installed around your property adds rustic beauty, privacy, and security to your home. Plywood fences are one great option, since exterior grade plywood, or composite wood, is easy for your fence contractor to work with, is not prone to cracking, and can be quite durable. Here are five tips for maintaining and caring for your plywood fence: Make Sure to Choose Exterior Grade Plywood It is important that your fence contractor uses exterior grade plywood when building your new wood fence.

  • A Look At Your Options When Choosing Wood Fencing

    28 June 2017

    A wood fence is the classic backyard fence. It has been used for generations as a boundary fence, picket fence, and privacy fence. Although a wood fence often requires a little more care than other types of fencing, especially if you don't want it to age naturally, the beauty of a natural fence makes it worthwhile. You have several options when putting in a new wood fence. Here's a look at some of them:

  • Choosing an Aluminum Fence: Questions to Ask Yourself

    22 June 2017

    If you're looking for an attractive, low-maintenance fencing option for your yard, aluminum is a great choice. This type of fencing rarely requires painting, it won't rust or rot, and it comes in an array of different styles. However, because there are so many different types and styles of aluminum fencing available, you will have to make some decisions before buying a fence. Here are some questions to ask yourself to ensure you arrive at the best fence possible for your needs and preferences.