increased security using a beautiful new fence
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increased security using a beautiful new fence

I own a landscape supply company and have done fairly well over the years. Until recently, security was never an issue, but then, I had two thefts occur. Someone had stolen mulch and gravel from my supplies. I knew that it was time for me to get serious about increasing security to prevent it from happening a third time. I talked with a fencing contractor about what type of fencing would help improve security without taking away from the pleasant appearance of the grounds. My blog will tell you how we accomplished the increased security using a beautiful new fence.

increased security using a beautiful new fence

  • A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Chain Link Fences and Their Benefits

    14 November 2023

    Homeowners who value their privacy and security often choose to install fences on their properties. However, choosing the right type of fence for your needs can be overwhelming. Among the many options available, chain link fences are gaining popularity for their durability, low maintenance, and affordability. This post will provide a step-by-step guide on how to install chain link fences, and it will explore some of their benefits. Step 1: Preparing the Site

  • Fence Styles And Designs For Different Architectural Home Styles

    17 August 2023

    A home's exterior tells a story, an architectural narrative that offers insight into its history, design, and character. But this story isn't complete without considering the fence that frames the property. The right fence not only provides security and privacy but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. Matching a fence design to the architectural style of a home ensures harmony and adds value to the property. Colonial Homes — Picket Fences

  • Signs You Need To Call Fence Contractors To Repair Your Fence

    29 June 2023

    A fence contractor is a specialist who works on fences, and they can both repair and restore fences. If you have a fence that isn't very old but needs some work, you can work on the fence to restore it and make it stronger. Fence contractors will let you know if you need to replace your fence or if a basic repair will be fine. Here are signs you need to call fence contractors to repair your fence.

  • Tips To Keep Your Privacy Wood Fence Well Maintained

    24 April 2023

    A wood privacy fence can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while providing a sense of security and privacy. To maximize the life of your new wood privacy fence, it's essential to practice effective maintenance. This article will discuss various tips and strategies to help you maintain your fence and keep it looking great for years. Tip: Trim Overgrown Vegetation Near Your Fence Overgrown vegetation near your fence can lead to multiple issues that can damage the wood.

  • Residential Fence Installation - Reasons To Hire Professional Contractors

    9 February 2023

    If you have the urge to put up a new fence around your residential property, it's best to let contractors manage this installation. They can bring a lot of valuable things to the table.  Comply With Boundary Lines One of the most important parts of installing a new fence on residential property, at least from a legal standpoint, is complying with boundary lines. Every property has them and you can respect them with ease if you hire fence contractors.