increased security using a beautiful new fence
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increased security using a beautiful new fence

I own a landscape supply company and have done fairly well over the years. Until recently, security was never an issue, but then, I had two thefts occur. Someone had stolen mulch and gravel from my supplies. I knew that it was time for me to get serious about increasing security to prevent it from happening a third time. I talked with a fencing contractor about what type of fencing would help improve security without taking away from the pleasant appearance of the grounds. My blog will tell you how we accomplished the increased security using a beautiful new fence.

increased security using a beautiful new fence

3 Tips For Choosing A Decorative Fence

Carter Hopkins

When choosing a fence, you might want your fence to primarily be a decorative element on your property. With numerous options to choose from it can be difficult to determine what features will best suit your aesthetic goals. Focusing on certain features will help you fence add to your property.

Start With Materials

The materials used for decorative fences vary widely, with wood and PVC giving you more design flexibility than metal. In addition to the aesthetic you are looking for, you should also consider the longevity of the materials you choose. Generally, metals, such as wrought iron, will be more durable since they hold up better to various weather conditions and impact. A good compromise for many people is PVC since it is easy to manufacturer in numerous colors and styles, especially if you are limited by homeowners association guidelines. When you are selecting a fence that is primarily decorative, you should also consider using materials that can be repainted in the future. If you design goals change, you simply select a different color.

Play With Contrast

When using your fence as a decorative element for your home, contrast can improve the overall aesthetic of your property. One type of contrast you might consider is the overall shape of the fence. Since most parts of your property will be angular with your home and property being a square or rectangle, try to incorporate rounded edges in your fence. One way is the top of the fence. Instead of each section having a flat edge, choose designs that gently rise and fall so the top edge has curves. Another way to incorporate roundness to your fence is often seen in metal fences. They may have a decorative top with flourishes. Another effective way to create contrast with your fence is through color. Even simple colors like a mid-tone gray can create some contrast based on warmth or coolness of the shade.

Integrate Your Landscape

When selecting a decorative fence, the way your landscape can seamlessly integrate with the fence can also be important. For example, if you have shrubs or other plants near the fence, you might want your fence to serve as an accent to help frame these plants. Additionally, choosing wider or narrower spaces between fence slats can make it easier to integrate your plants into the fence itself. It is common for homeowners to grow ivy or other creeping plants nearby so over time the vines intertwine with the fence and work like a trellis. Some edible plants, such a tomatoes and peppers, will give a nice pop of color as they grow up the fence.

Decorative fences are one of the easiest ways to change the overall look of your property. Depending on the features you choose, your fence can be a statement piece itself or work to frame the landscape. Contact a service, like Ashlee Fence Enterprises, Inc., for more help.